About me

Joao Pedro Lomelino is a print designer and an artist. He started working in fashion when he was invited to be head print designer and creative director for a German scarf company. A few years after he started freelancing as a print designer and pretty soon his work got recognition. He now works with studios in Europe, and scarf brands in China and the US. 

Blue Monkey Prints, my solo project, is a platform where I display my designs. Here you can see my archive work and follow my latest creations, buy any available print or get in touch with me to create a specific design for your brand.


I am currently available for long term collaborations and commissioned work. Enjoy!


The textures

My textures are the back bone of the designs. They are the result of a continuos work and improovement to get to their final look. They are done manualy and completed digitaly. They give the work an artistic feel and a very unique depth. These designs would have a totally different look if I had used solid colors and I challange you to realise that for yourselves.

With each new collection I put out I felt the need to do better, go further and to increase in terms of complexity. The result of this effort is designs that look like digital paintings, a combination of art with design. You can see some of these textures below.

The website

This website was done in a way that allows you to see the designs in full detail. Use the navigation icons to scroll trough the prints and use the info buttons to know more about the them. Visit “Explore” to see the printed scarves & photoshoots and see the prints in detail. Pretty soon I’ll have prints for sale so stay tunned and get in touch if you wish to purchase some of them.